Important:  The contacts listed here are connected to the email address for your account. If this email is not correct or if your school has an incorrect email on file, then contacts may not appear on this page.


Parent and guardian records in SchoolMessenger are linked to students attending one or more schools or districts.

Access your contacts by clicking the icon and clicking Contacts.

Note: If you are missing contacts, click the “Is someone still missing?” link at the bottom of the screen to claim possible missing contacts using your phone number. You should also click the “Synchronize contacts with your school district” link to upload the most up-to-date information (more information below). If that doesn’t work, please contact your school or district.


On Mobile...

Access your contacts by tapping the menu icon and tapping Contacts.

Plus Data

You will see more information for each contact if your school or district have subscribed and purchased the SchoolMessenger app Plus Module. The data shown depends on what your school and district have chosen to record and display.

You will know if your school has purchased the Plus Module if you see the small arrow  beneath the contact. Clicking the contact displays the Plus data.

In the example below, this school district has chosen to display the student’s meal balance, attendance, bus and class schedule.



On Mobile...


Manual Contact Data Refresh

If you’re not seeing all of the contacts you’re expecting, you must manually refresh your app to reflect the most up-to-date information. A manual refresh is required for every subsequent change to your contact data in order to see the changes reflected in the SchoolMessenger app.

Important: Updates to your account will not be reflected until you manually refresh your contact data.

1.      Click the main menu icon in the top left corner.

2.      Click Contacts.

3.      Click the “Synchronize contacts with your school district” link.

4.      Once the sync is complete, you’ll receive a “Synchronization Complete” message.

5.      Click Done to return to the Contacts page.


For Mobile...

1.      Tap the main menu icon in the top left corner of the app.

2.      Tap Contacts.

3.      Tap the refresh icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The app will begin syncing with the latest school data.

4.      Once the sync is complete, you can click the Details link to view some information on the synchronization.


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