Step 3: Review & Send

This is the final step in the process.  

If you find an error and need to go back…

1.    Go back to the Step that you would like to correct by clicking its green header.  

2.    Make the necessary corrections.

3.    Click Save at the bottom of each screen to keep your changes and navigate back to Review & Send screen.

Important: DO NOT click Review & Send’s green header after you have made changes to any of the previous steps. Your changes will not be saved.  


 a. Message Options: You have a few options to consider before sending your message.

b. Schedule to Send Later: You can set a start date, start time and end time.

To schedule a message to send at a later time:

1.    Click in the Start Date field and use the calendar tool to click on the day you want the broadcast to start.

2.    Use the slider by grabbing the left tab with your mouse pointer to set the start time and the right tab to set the end time.

3.    Click the Submit Scheduled Message button when done.

 Once you have chosen "Send Now" or  "Submit Scheduled Message", you will get this final confirmation message.  Clicking Continue will return you to your Communicate Dashboard.