Publish and Subscribe - Lists

Important: Not all users will have access to publish and/or subscribe, based on the profile their user was given.  Please contact your account administrator about access to these features.

Note for system administrators: The options to control a users Publish and Subscribe access are located in "Profiles" in the "Admin" tab, as described in the System Administrator - Managing Access Profiles guide.


The Publish and Subscribe features help saves time by allowing users to share lists with one another.  This can be especially helpful with complicated and custom lists, as the work only needs to be done once and then published for anyone else who could benefit from its use.


This topic covers the following:

·        Publishing Process

·        Publish a List

·        Unpublish a List

·        Subscribe to a List


Publishing Process

If you have a list or message that you would like to allow other users to use, you may publish the list by clicking on the button next to your list message on the List Builder or Message Builder screen. You will be taken through a simple 3 step process to publish the list:


·        Selecting who gets to subscribe to your list

·        Confirming your selection

·        Publishing the list  

Note: Once your list is published, any changes you make to that list will directly affect Broadcasts created by other users who have subscribed to and use that list.


Who should be a publisher?

·        Account administrators who will have access to and/or be primarily in charge of message broadcasts for an entire school, district or organization.

·        Individuals who will likely have access to all messaging options, broadcast options, list options and contact data fields.

·        Users who have a high functioning level of expertise and training.

Not all users should be publishers since most lists are simple rule-based lists which are easily created or contain contacts which are specific to the users function within your organization.


What lists should be published?

·        Lists which are meant to be broadcast to the whole organization or to large groups within, such as a whole school building or commonly used group of contacts, guardians or staff.

·        Lists which were complicated or tedious to create - which less experienced users may need to use, but would have trouble creating themselves.

·        Lists of contacts that required the manual loading of a CSV file (who are not available as part of the Data Imports for your account).

Not all lists should be published since many lists should not be accessed by many users.  Lists containing contacts for a certain school building, classrooms or specific activities are only needed by certain users and should only exist on their accounts to prevent others from accidentally broadcasting to them.


Publish a List

To begin, click on the button to the right side of a saved list. You’ll be taken to the Publication Editor screen.

Step 1: Select who gets to subscribe.

1.    Select whether to allow "Anyone", "Top Level Users", or "One or more Schools" to have permission to subscribe to the list you're publishing.

    ·        Anyone: Every user of your account (who has subscribe permission based on their user profile) will be able to subscribe to the list.

    ·        Top Level Users: Only administrators will be able to subscribe to the list.

    ·        One or more Schools: You will be given options to check which schools a user must be part of to subscribe to the list.

If you choose "One or more Schools", you must check all schools in your account to which you wish to give users the ability to subscribe to this list.  After checking all that apply, click "Next".


2.    Click "Next" to move to the Confirmation step.



Step 2: Confirm your selection.

1.     Review your selection in the Summary.

2.    If all is accurate, check the "Confirm" box.

3.    Click Next.  


Step 3: Publish the list

As soon as you click Next, your list becomes published.  



Click the Done button and you will be taken back to the "My Lists" section where you will now see that the former Publish link has changed to "Modify Publication". The text "Changes to this list are published" has appeared.




Unpublish a List

If you ever decide that a list you've created should no longer be published, but do not want to delete the list, you have the option to unpublish the list.

1.    Click the Modify Publication link next to the list you’d like to remove from publication.

2.    Select “Un-publish This Item”.

3.    Click Next.

4.    Confirm changes as described in the Summary by checking the box.

5.    Click Next.

6.    Click Done and you will be taken back to the "My Lists" section where you will now see that the former "Modify Publication" link has changed to "Publish." The "Changes to this list are published" text has disappeared.


Note: Unpublishing a list will remove that list for all users who have subscribed to it.  It may be a good idea to send a memo informing people you will be unpublishing a list that may have been subscribed to by others to prevent unexpected problems.


Subscribe to a List

Subscribing to lists is an easy way for users, especially those who have not had training in creating custom lists based on rules or uploading CSV files, to save time and set up lists for their future broadcasts.

1.    Click the button located above your saved lists. You’ll be taken to the “Manage List Subscriptions” screen.



2.    Find the list you’d like to subscribe to.

3.    Click Subscribe. The link for that list will now say “Un-Subscribe”.

4.    Click Done to return to the "My Lists" screen of your account.


Lists you've subscribed to will be indicated by the "You are subscribed to this list. Owner: (*****)" message beneath it.

Subscribed lists cannot be Edited or Deleted, like lists you created yourself.  The only options you have on a Subscribed List are "Preview" and "Un-Subscribe".


Note: When broadcasting to a list to which you've subscribed, be aware that any changes the publisher of that list makes will impact the recipients on future Broadcasts.