The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to Communicate.

  From the Dashboard, you have access to the following core functions:  

1.    Activity Summary: gives you an overview of how the system is being used. You can view your activity as well as the statistics for all users. You may also track use of the system by other individual users in the area (if your access profile permits).

2.    Broadcasts: Look here to see Broadcasts currently in progress and completed. Hover your cursor over the tool icon next to the job. Common actions for Broadcasts appears: Edit, Report, Monitor, Responses, and Cancel or Archive. Actions depend on whether the Broadcast is in progress or complete.

3.    New Broadcast: Click to access the Broadcast wizard. The wizard will guide you through the process of creating and sending a broadcast.

4.    Broadcast Templates: Click to access any Broadcast Templates you've created. Create a new template by clicking the + New Template link.



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