List Builder

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If you are new to the SchoolMessenger system and just trying to send a simple message, you might prefer the Quickly Send a Basic Message topic which covers creating a new Broadcast from the Dashboard.


What is List Builder?

You will use List Builder to manage the "Saved Recipient Lists" of contacts to which you will send your SchoolMessenger broadcasts.  While you can create lists during the "New Broadcast" process, using the List Builder to create them in advance will allow you to save a significant amount of time by providing a quick, preset selection.

From List Builder, you can:

·        Add (create) new lists.

·        Preview, edit or delete lists.

·        Publish lists.

·        Subscribe to lists

Accessing List Builder

List Builder is accessed by clicking the Broadcasts tab. By default, the Lists subsection is the first page you will see, but you can click "Lists" on the far upper left as well.


List Options


Publishing or Subscribing to Lists

The Publish and Subscribe feature lets you share lists and messages with other users in the system. To learn more about, please view the Publish and Subscribe Overview.

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