Reports Overview

Authorized users can access the system’s reporting feature to create custom Broadcast reports. These reports can be customized to display the results of any current or past notification Broadcast. Users can even generate reports that show the results of all notifications to a single individual.

Important: Only those features that you have been granted access to will display. For access to additional features contact your system administrator.


Using the Report Builder

·        The Report Builder : This help topic shows how to navigate the Report Builder.


Broadcast and Date Ranges

·        Broadcast Summary: This report shows the results of any active or completed Broadcast in the system.

·        Phone, Email, SMS and Social Media Logs: These reports shows exactly who received your message and when.



·        Contact History: This report allows you to see how many times a recipient was contacted and when.



·        Survey Results: Use this report to see the results of a survey.


Repeating Reports

·        Saving and Scheduling Reports: Click this to learn more about saving and scheduling reports, including repeating reports.


Systemwide Reports

·        Call Distribution Report : This report graphically displays the average distribution of calls over the course of the day, week, month, and year.

·        Usage Stats Report: This report shows you which groups or users have been using the system and how often for any given time.


Other Reports

·        Phone Opt-Out Report: This report shows you which users have chosen to opt-out of phone notifications.

·        SMS Status Report: This report shows you which users have chosen to opt-out and opt-in to SMS text notifications.

·        SchoolMessenger Adoption Report: This report shows you which users have created SchoolMessenger App accounts by contact type.

·        SchoolMessenger App Changes Report: This report shows you the changes users have made to their preferences and contact information.